Keri Mallari

I am a PhD student in the Human Centered Design and Engineering Department at the University of Washington, advised by Dr. Gary Hsieh. My research interests are in the field of human-computer interaction and social computing.
I received my bachelor's degree from CUNY Lehman College in Math and Computer Science, supported by the Macaulay Honors College.
I am very fortunate that my work is supported through the Twitch Research Fellowship.


Right now, I'm thinking about the process and outcomes of online feedback exchange in the context of live streamers. Here are some of the projects that I've worked or currently working on:

Understanding Analytics Needs of Video Game Streamers

work with Gary Hsieh and Spencer Williams
Conducted an interview study to describe the ecology of analytics tools utilized, define streamers' areas of analytics needs, and identify opportunities to support streamers and their communities.

Exploring Decadal Topic Distribution in English Wikipedia

work with David McDonald and Mark Zachry
Exploring content distribution of events based on decadal temporal analysis using Wikipedia's link structure.

Understanding Topical Content Representation in English Wikipedia

work with David McDonald and Mark Zachry
Collected and analyzed 600k article pages from English Wikipedia to uunderstand how they reflect a distribution of topical content.

Examining HCI Science Communication on Twitter

work with Spencer Williams, Dayoung Cheong, Carol Lei, Gary Hsieh, and Katharina Reinecke
Collected and analyzed tweets from HCI researchers to understand their science communication practices and opportunities to support them.


I've spent my summers learning from really cool places and really smart folks below:

Research Intern, Microsoft Research

Utilized computer vision to extract information and develop insights to support personal informationmanagement. Developed a full stack web application using nodejs and azure cognitive services.
2020 Internship

Research Intern, Microsoft Research

Investigated human-AI complementarity in high-stakes decision making scenario. Designed differentways to incorporate machine recommendations to leverage human-AI complementarity.
2019 Internship

Research Collaborator, Microsoft Research

Designed and ran a study to examine the impact of different presentations of racial information onhuman judgment in the context of recidivism. Developed a full stack web application to gather data on MTurk and analyzed results to study significant differences across conditions.
2018 Internship

Data Science Summer School, Microsoft Research NYC

Analyzed student trajectory in the NYC public school system by calculating student performance basedon test results, and then tracking individual student performance over the years. Developed predictive models for dropout rates of students in the system and acceptance rates of students in the NYC highschool application process.
2017 Summer School


"She is a smurf student" - Will