I've also TA'd some cool classes listed below:

INFO 490/491: Undergraduate Capstone

Advised student-driven team project including definition of an information problem, a method of investigation, creation of a project proposal, and completion of project deliverables.
Winter 2022, Spring 2022

HCDE 538: Designing for Behavior Change

Students are introduced to existing behavior change theories, frameworks, and research to gain an understanding of why and how behavior changes. Utilizing these insights, students practice theory-driven design to nudge positive behavior change. They analyze current behavior change applications and utilize existing resources to guide their design process.
Spring 2021

HCDE 539: Physical Prototyping

Students in this course design and prototype interactive prototype systems and environments using physical computing tools (a combination hardware and software). This quarter they have been exploring a range of applications using the Circuit Playground Express micro-controller (in Winter 2021), and an Adafruit M4 Feather (in Fall 2021).
Winter 2021, Fall 2021

HCDE 451: UX Prototyping

Students in this course have been exploring various user experience prototyping techniques such as model making, laser cutting, 3D printing, sewing, video, and interactive wire framing.
Fall 2020

DRG in Analyzing and Supporting Twitter-based Science Communication

In this project, we will be designing a system that identifies what types of people have likely read an individual tweet (e.g., using techniques from NLP and beyond), and aggregates that information to help us summarize the current state of science communication in HCI.
Spring 2019